Artificial Grass

Increasingly busy lifestyles and a lack of spare time for many people have coincided with a huge increase in the popularity of artificial lawns. Made from synthetic grass and offering qualities including a reduced need for maintenance and exceptional durability, it is not difficult to see why.

Synthetic grass is now being used for a wide range of applications including residential garden lawns, decking, safety flooring, sporting surfaces, corporate events and school playground flooring. It has even been known to add value to a property by improving the aesthetics of the garden.

Such is the advanced quality of modern outdoor artificial grass, once installed, is now often indistinguishable from natural grass.

What Are The Main Reasons To Choose Synthetic Grass?

The time and costs associated with the maintenance of synthetic turf are significantly lower than when maintaining natural turf. With no need to mow or even water synthetic turf, the time taken to provide any kind of maintenance is negligible. In the long term, the absence of watering is also regarded as one of the main advantages of synthetic turf, economically and, in some parts of the world, ecologically. No fertilisation will ever be required for artificial turf either, with the amount of weeding also minimal.

This is not to say that maintenance will not be required from time to time. Especially when used as a sporting turf, the top of these systems have to be brushed regularly so that they return to the upright position after exposure to load. Similarly, the top layer of rubber granule or, in the case of sand-filled systems, the top layer of sand has to be redistributed evenly over the whole playing surface after use so that there is no unevenness.

Exceptional Durability

Quality standards have never been higher in the synthetic grass industry. This is especially important for safety flooring, school playgrounds and sports turf where expectations are so much higher. Synthetic grass can be exposed to significantly more use than natural turf with none of the negative effects. This particularly applies to the winter period and to its use in rain. The properties and appearance of synthetic grass remain the same even when used in these weather conditions and this results in an excellent lifetime once the turf has been installed correctly.

Modern turf yarns and turf systems have a lifetime with good playing and usage properties of up to ten years. This is of course, dependent on the quality of the turf, the level of use, the use of appropriate footwear and the right maintenance.

Easy Installation

Installing an artificial lawn or replacing your current natural lawn with synthetic grass can offer the ideal solution for residential properties. All year round good looks and low maintenance ensures that you will be able to spend more time looking at and relaxing in your garden than you will working on it.

Although the installation cost of an artificial lawn can initially be greater than when installing a natural lawn, taking a longer term view will show that you will save far more money over its lifetime. When you consider the cost and inconvenience of buying, maintaining and storing a lawn mower, disposal of grass cuttings, lawn feed, watering and above all the investment of your time to tend to a natural lawn it quickly becomes obvious that artificial turf is a worthy investment and gives you back some well earned time to rest.

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